2021 Children of WunderGlo Scholarship Recipients

The 2021 Children of WunderGlo Scholarship Recipients Thank You Video can be viewed here.

In our fourth year of “The Children of WunderGlo Scholarship Program”, our 2021 student applicants touched our hearts and impressed us beyond measure. The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation once again made the decision to step outside of our “scope” by awarding a total of Seven (7) WunderGlo Scholarships to this year’s remarkable young men and women who are outstanding graduating high school students. Our 2021 scholarship recipients are made up of six (6) students who all have lost their father to colon cancer and to one graduate whose mother is currently living with stage-4 colon cancer! WunderGlo awarded Two (2) $4,000 Scholarships, Two (2) $2,250 Scholarships, Two (2) Recognition Scholarships in the amount of $500 and One (1) Founder’s Scholarship of Achievement in the amount of $1,500 to the daughter of one of our active WunderGlo Foundation Directors who has been in-treatment for stage-4 colon cancer since 2014.

We are beyond grateful to the family of Deborah Rachel Goldberg for their financial support to our WunderGlo Scholarship program this year, which increased our 2021 monetary award budget by $6,000 with their generous donation.

The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation is extremely proud to announce that this year’s 2021 WunderGlo Scholarships have been awarded to Seven (7) outstanding students from • Lebanon, New Jersey • Burbank, California • Lakewood, Colorado • Venice, Florida • Fortuna, California • Renton, Washington • Merrick, New York.

Our scholarship recipients are two young men and five young women who are now attending: • Providence College (Rhode Island) • Arapahoe Community College (Colorado) • Pennsylvania State University (Pennsylvania) • Regis University – Jesuit Catholic University (Colorado) • Santa Barbara City College (California) • University of Massachusetts – Amherst (Massachusetts) • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Arizona).

The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation’s Annual Scholarships enhance the lives of young men & women throughout the country. Our hopes are that these remarkable young adults will always remember that The WunderGlo Foundation cares and we will always remember them. These are “The Children of WunderGlo”.

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Garrett White– 2021 Recipient of The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation Scholarship – in Memory of Jim Gainey

Garrett White is a caring and devoted young man who lost his father to colon cancer when he was 16-years old. Garrett is attending Arapahoe Community College (in Colorado). 

 “My dad passed away a year and a half after his diagnosis. Though it was hard to see him lying there, lifeless, I was happy for him; he no-longer had to suffer, and I knew I did everything in my power to help him. Though the road was rocky, and nobody held my hand, I learned something about persevering through discouragement. Helping my dad through a terminal illness and rebuilding my life without his support took commitment. Cancer runs in my family; I lost both my dad and my grandma to it, and my cousin is a survivor. I am grateful for the efforts of The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation because I wish to one day see a world where cancer is eradicated.”

 “I am deeply humbled to be a recipient of the WunderGlo Foundation Scholarship. My father was my hero and my best friend who shared my interest in both electronics and engineering. He dreamt that I would one day be the first in the family to attend college. I was devastated when he passed away in March of 2019 from colon cancer. Though I have faced many hardships in my life following his passing, such as instability with my housing and further isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic, I hope to one day make him proud by studying to become an engineer. My life experiences have increased my appreciation for The WunderGlo Foundation and the upstanding goals they aim to accomplish. With a boundless amount of gratitude, I am glad to apply this scholarship towards fulfilling my father’s aspirations for me to attend college and pursue a career in Electrical Engineering. From the bottom of my heart, I thank The WunderGlo Foundation for supporting me and so many others.” – Garrett White

Congratulations, Garrett! The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation is so very proud to have chosen you to receive our top scholarship. You are a compassionate and caring young man who is deserving of all things good. We wish you every success in Colorado at Arapahoe Community College and throughout your very worthy life. Please watch Garrett’s personal ‘Thank You to WunderGlo” Video here.

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Lucy Meekings – 2021 Recipient of The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation Scholarship – in Memory of Jim Gainey

Lucy Meekings is a positive and determined young lady whose father passed away from colon cancer when she was 9-years old. Lucy is attending Providence College-Rhode Island.

“Losing my father was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. Watching him become sick and eventually pass away broke my heart, but I never had a full grasp on what was happening since I was only nine years old at the time. As I grow up and mature, I look back to that time in my life. I see a small innocent girl who had no clue how much those events would impact her life. First, I had to grow up much quicker than most nine year olds because I had to grieve which requires maturity. Second, I found out that life is short – and I need to make every moment count just like my dad wanted. I knew my dad wanted me to live life being excited for the future and not sad about the past. I will never wish what happened to my family on anyone else and if there is any way we could prevent that from happening to just one family I would be so happy. I think it is amazing what The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation is doing to find the cure to colorectal cancer and how they are supporting families who went through what I had to go through.”

“I want to thank the Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation for their generosity and for awarding me the scholarship which will help me pursue my education. This scholarship gives me the opportunity to honor my father’s memory in such an amazing way. I never want another family to ever have to go through what my family went through when my dad passed away and it is amazing to know that the Gloria Borges Wunderglo Foundation is there to help find a cure and support families along the way. I am forever grateful to the Gloria Borges Wunderglo Foundation for awarding me this scholarship and being there to support me and other families affected by cancer in the future.” – Lucy Meekings

Congratulations, Lucy! You are filled with joy, hope and determination; you are an exemplary young lady who sincerely makes this world a better place. All of us at The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation are extremely proud to have chosen you to receive our top Scholarship. We wish you every happiness & success at Providence College-Rhode Island and beyond. Please watch Lucy’s personal ‘Thank You to WunderGlo” Video here.

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Morgan Koss- 2021 Recipient of The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation Scholarship – in Memory of Jim Gainey

Morgan Koss is a hardworking and inspirational young lady who lost her father to colon cancer when she was 15-years old, just 2-months after the 2018 Parkland High School Massacre, where six of Morgan’s friends/classmates were killed. Morgan is attending Pennsylvania State University.

“Attending college was always a dream my father had for me as well as a dream I had for myself. My hopes are that with majoring in psychology and theater I can create a unique way to connect with those who have faced traumas at a young age and by sharing my story, I can show others that no matter what challenges you might face in your life, there is hope.  My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer only a few days after my twelfth birthday. In life we all face challenges that shape us as a person. Personally, I have faced more challenges than most adults face in their lifetime. The things I have had to deal with may not have been easy, though I am grateful that they have shaped me into the person I am today. To think about there being an end to cancer one day would mean that no other child would ever have to watch cancer steal their father away like mine was stolen. That would be literally a dream come true. The more I read about the Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation I see the impact that someone can make even after passing and I am honored that a foundation like Gloria’s cares about kids like me.”

“It is an honor to be awarded The Gloria Borges WunderGlo scholarship. I know my dad would be so proud to see that I’m getting to go to college and starting a new journey for myself. The WunderGlo Foundation has shown their support in countless ways and I am so unbelievably grateful. Saying that this foundation goes so out of their way to make their recipients feel like family is an understatement. It is a family, a family of people who went through unimaginable trauma that are there to help each other feel like they deserve the world, so thank you. – Morgan Koss

Congratulations, Morgan! You are a true light and role model. You inspire others by your actions and generous nature in helping those around you. The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation is proud to honor such an outstanding young woman. We wish you the best at Penn State University and in all that you pursue in your bright and promising future! Please watch Morgan’s personal ‘Thank You to WunderGlo” Video here.

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Cameron Christner – 2021 Recipient of The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation  Scholarship – in Memory of Jim Gainey

Cameron Christner is a mature and focused young man who lost his father to colon cancer when he was 15-years old. Cameron is attending Regis University in Colorado.

 “My Dad was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016 when I was thirteen years old. He did everything the doctors told him to do to fight it, but in May of 2019, my Dad passed away. I remember during my Dad’s final days at the hospital, he beckoned me closer, and then he shared that the doctors told him that he was not going to survive. With tears in his eyes, he told me he really wanted to see me and my brother grow up and was so sad that he was not going to be able to. When my father died, my world turned upside down, but I pushed forward. I still finished school with straight A’s, and received the highest score on my first AP Exam taken a few weeks after his death. After that, I entered a summer of sadness and confusion, but I discovered ways to stay strong and support my family as we were all grieving greatly. I was determined to learn and grow from my experiences. I know today that my Dad is still watching and I am sure he is very proud of my choices. I want my education to be well-rounded with not just formulas and numbers, but with Arts and Humanities that can enrich my understanding of the world.”

“I am honored to have been chosen as one of the recipients of your scholarship. I want to thank you for helping me honor my father through your generosity and support. Receiving this scholarship will allow me to pursue my dreams by studying for a degree in Computer Science. I am hoping to enrich the world by helping to advance technology for the greater good. I am also honored to have learned about your organization and its dedication in helping families affected by Colon Cancer, and I look forward to doing what I can in my field to help raise awareness and work toward finding a cure. Once again, I thank you for hearing my story and believing in my future. – Cameron Christner

Congratulations, Cameron! You are wise beyond your years and your caring heart is a true gift to this world. Please know that your father, your family and everyone at The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation are honored to play even a small role in your amazing life and worthy future. We wish you every happiness and success at Regis University and onward. Please watch Cameron’s personal ‘Thank You to WunderGlo” Video here.

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Emma Grace Houseworth – 2021 Recipient of The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation “Recognition Award” Scholarship – in Memory of Jim Gainey

Emma Houseworth is a confident and passionate young lady whose father passed away from colon cancer when she was 16- years old. Emma is attending Santa Barbara City College.

“My father was a teacher and always stressed the importance of following my passion and pursuing an education. I have a passion for helping people and making a difference in my community. The cancer journey started for me when I was five years old. Having to watch someone fight cancer is the hardest thing I have had to do especially while still growing up. His absence has left a huge hole in my heart. He was a positive soul and always encouraged me to live my best life. I feel like each day I honor him by keeping the promises I made to him. I promised to move forward, to never give up, to always work hard, and most of all, I promised to be kind to all people. It would be an absolute dream to find a cure for cancer.”

“Thank you for honoring me with this scholarship. I truly appreciate the recognition in honor of my father who passed from colon cancer. I am excited to start my college adventure and this scholarship will help me achieve my goals. Thank you again!” – Emma Houseworth

Congratulations, Emma! Your confidence and leadership skills will serve you well as you pursue your life’s dreams and aspirations. You make your father and family proud every day.  The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation is happy to have awarded you with one of our scholarships and we wish you the best experiences and success at Santa Barbara City College. Please watch Emma’s personal ‘Thank You to WunderGlo” Video here. 

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Nicole Rose Gallo – 2021 Recipient of The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation “Recognition Award” Scholarship – in Memory of Jim Gainey

Nicole Gallois a thoughtful and dedicated young lady who lost her father to colon cancer when she was 8-years old. Nicole is attending University of Massachusetts – Amherst.

“It is very important to me to be able to pursue a secondary education. I would be the first one in my family to attend a college other than a community college. I want to be able to graduate college with a good degree, a good GPA and be able to get a nice job and thank my mom for all she has done for me throughout my life. The biggest goal that I have right now is becoming the best version of myself. My dad passed away when I was eight years old. He suffered from colorectal cancer for a little over a year. Since I was so young I didn’t really understand what any of this meant and what was going on around me. My dad was an incredible human with a heart of gold. He made everyone laugh and smile no matter what and he was always so fun to be around. Being that I am going off to college and I’m getting older, growing up, it is hard for me to get through some days. I wish he could be here with me when I graduate high school and move into UMass Amherst. I know he’s watching over me and that he’s proud. Not many people know what it feels like to lose a parent and I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone. It would mean the absolute world to me if the Gloria Borges Wunderglo Foundation could support me in this manner. Cancer has taken enough from me and my family and a million others in the world and we don’t deserve for cancer to win yet again.”

“Thank you for awarding me this scholarship. It means more than you can ever imagine. Being the oldest child in my family, after my dad passed from colon cancer, meant that I had to grow up a little bit faster than everyone else around me. Shortly after my dad passed, my grandpa had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I helped my mom with mostly everything around the house. As I got older I learned to cook so that she could take a break. Growing up was way different then I would have ever thought it would’ve been. My brother and sister looked up to me then and still ask for my advice to this day and I love that I am a role model to them. I applied for this scholarship in hopes that I would be able to put the money towards my college education. I am so grateful that I am able to be part of a program where we can raise money and help other families that have gone through similar situations. Thank you for everything, I truly appreciate it.” –  Nicole Gallo.

Congratulations, Nicole! You are such a caring and devoted young lady to your family, while you work hard in honor of your father & mother who supported you, and your siblings who look up to you for guidance. Everyone at The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation is extremely proud to have chosen you to receive one of our scholarships. We wish you every happiness at University of Massachusetts – Amherst and throughout your life – you deserve every happiness!  Please watch Nicole’s personal ‘Thank You to WunderGlo” Video here.
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Jasmine Downing – 2021 Recipient of The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation’s “Founder Scholarship of Achievement” – in Memory of Jim Gainey

Jasmine Downingis a compassionate and exceptional young lady whose mother was diagnosed with stage-4 colon cancer when Jasmine was 11-years old. Her mother is in treatment. Jasmine is attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Arizona. 

“When I was younger, I remember my Mom constantly saying to me, “I’ll always be here for you.” I never doubted that. I believed she was in good health and that she would be there for me whenever I succeeded at something. That changed when I was in 6th grade, way too early for a child. On October 29, 2014, just two weeks after my Mom’s 40th birthday, she had a colonoscopy. She had Stage IV Colorectal Cancer that had metastasized to her lungs and liver and was given 6 to 18 months to live. It has been 6 years since my Mom was diagnosed with cancer. She defied every prognosis she was given and is still with me today. She has had 6 surgeries, numerous chemotherapies and radiation treatments, but she persevered through them all. She told her oncologist that all she wanted was to see her kids graduate from high school and move on to college. So, she keeps going through the pain and gruesome treatments to make that happen. Here I am today, on the verge of making her wish happen at least half-way. I have worked hard to live up to my Mom’s strength and make her proud. All I can hope is that I do make her proud, and she is there to see it. The WunderGlo Foundation has been there for my family and I for years now. I knew the WunderGlo Foundation would play a critical role in not only my life but in the lives of hundreds of other families who have to deal with the horrors that cancer brings upon them.” 

“In the fall, I will be attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Astronomy. However, none of this would have been possible without The WunderGlo Foundation and the Founder’s Scholarship of Achievement. But thanks to WunderGlo I will be able to attend my dream university to get my dream degree. After my mom was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer in 2014, I thought that I would be going to a state school in order to save money for my mom’s treatments. But that didn’t stop me from trying to change that. I worked hard and got into one of the top high schools in my state, which helped me move forward with my dreams. Once again I would like to extend my gratitude for selecting me for the Founder’s Scholarship of Achievement.” – Jasmine Downing 

Congratulations, Jasmine! You are a remarkable, focused and strong-willed young lady who is set to conquer the world! Your future is sincerely boundless! Your family and everyone at The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation are extremely proud of you and cannot wait to see what great things you will accomplish. We wish you every success and happiness at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University!  Please watch Jasmine’s personal ‘Thank You to WunderGlo” Video here.
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We Congratulate all our 2021 Children of WunderGlo Scholarship Recipients!!!