Our Project Partners

Our partners support our groundbreaking approach to finding the cure for colon cancer. Rather than comparing The Wunder Project to other cancer non-profit initiatives, we’ll tell you about who WE are. We are direct, ambitious and communicative – WE WON’T STOP UNTIL WE HAVE RAISED EVERY LAST PENNY NEEDED to fund the cure for colon cancer. We are transparent: The Wunder Project is able to provide a very specific breakdown on how each donated dollar is used and where it is allocated. We are focused on the cure: Every penny raised under The Wunder Project goes directly to Dr. Lenz and his team to cure colon cancer. Yes, every penny. No parties, no salaries, no middleman, no red tape. Our angel investors have funded The WunderGlo Foundation’s budget for the year, so there is no overhead costs to detract from donations made to The Wunder Project. WE ARE THE CURE. BY WE, THAT MEANS ALL OF US. Every person that comes on board is part of finding the cure and changing the world. BECOME ONE OF OUR PARTNERS AND MAKE AN EVEN BIGGER IMPACT IN OUR FIGHT TO CRUSH COLON CANCER.


Event Sponsors

2016 Fifth Annual annette cook Cancer Warrior Awards
Lockton Companies Inc.: Champion Sponsor
O’Melveny & Myers, LLP: Warrior Level
The Hannemann Family: Warrior Level
USC G.I. Oncology: Warrior Level
The Levitan Family: Warrior Level
Carla Christofferson – Aecom: Teammate Level
USC-Keck: Teammate Level
Scheper-Kim-Harris LLP: Advocate Level
Genentech Inc.: Advocate Level
Caris Life Sciences: Supporter Level
The Fritz & Angie Miller Family SEIA: Supporter Level


2016 Fourth Annual Tee Off Against Cancer Golf Tournament
O’Melveny & Myers, LLP: Warrior Level
William Dorroh: Supporter Level
Luke Liss: Supporter Level
Fritz and Angie Miller, SEIA


2016 Fifth Annual Go To Hell Cancer 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament
Luke Liss: Senior Blue Devil Level
Will Palmeri: Senior Blue Devil Level
Penny Fleming


2016 Third Annual Flush Colon Cancer Poker Tournament
Anthony Federico
Douglas Yakich
Rachel Levitan Dillon
Robert Lemoine
Cheryl and George Khoury


2015 Fourth Annual Annette Cook Cancer Warrior Awards Dinner and Silent Auction

O’Melveny & Myers LLP: Warrior Level
Bayer Healthcare: Warrior Level
USC G.I. Oncology: Warrior Level
Keck School of Medicine at USC: Teammate Level
Scheper Kim & Harris, LLP: Teammate Level
Genentech, Inc: Teammate Level
Canon Solutions: Teammate Level
Lockton: Advocate Level
Coloplast: Supporter Level
The Fritz and Angie Miller Family/SEIA: Supporter Level
Ruth Kaplan and Rachel Levitan Dillon
William Dorroh


2015 Third Annual Tee Off Against Cancer Golf Tournament

O’Melveny & Myers LLP: Teammate Level
John Harabedian
Alan and Phyllis Weiss


2015 Fourth Annual Go To Hell Cancer 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament in Cameron Indoor Stadium-Duke University

Luke Liss: Cameron Crazie Level
Isabee Photography: Cameron Crazie Level
Carlton Rand: Senior Blue Devil Level
Lesley Allin: Senior Blue Devil Level
Elizabeth Dixon: Senior Blue Devil Level
Rosie Canizares: Senior Blue Devil Level
Sarah Stogner: Blue Devil Level
Nicole Standish
Mike Sherin
Aaron Downey


2014 Second Annual Tee Off Against Cancer Golf Tournament
O’Melveny & Myers LLP: Teammate Level


2014 Third Annual Annette Cook Cancer Warrior Awards Dinner and Silent Auction

O’Melveny & Myers LLP: Warrior Level
The Hannemann Family: Warrior Level
Bayer Healthcare: Warrior Level
USC G.I. Oncology: Warrior Level
Pinkberry: Warrior Level
Keck School of Medicine at USC: Teammate Level
Scheper Kim & Harris, LLP: Teammate Level
Genentech, Inc: Teammate Level
Canon Solutions: Teammate Level
Nossaman, LLP: Supporter Level


2013 First Annual Tee Off Against Cancer Golf Tournament

O’Melveny & Myers LLP: Teammate Level


2013 Second Annual Annette Cook Cancer Warrior Awards Dinner and Silent Auction
O’Melveny & Myers LLP: Warrior Level
The Hannemann Family: Warrior Level
Bayer Healthcare: Warrior Level
USC G.I. Oncology: Warrior Level
Keck School of Medicine at USC: Warrior Level
Girardi -Keese LLP: Warrior Level
Scheper Kim & Harris, LLP: Warrior Level
Genentech, Inc: Warrior Level


Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners are the cornerstone of The Wunder Project. In order to accomplish our ambitions goal of raising $250 million in two years, we need our most successful and generous corporations to join the fight. You will be linking your corporate legacy with ours, and showing the world that your company is bold, visionary, and committed to changing the world for the better – just like us.

We can offer Corporate Partners customized sponsorship packages to support the company’s Corporate Giving goals. For information on becoming a Corporate Partner, please contact [email protected].

O’Melveny & Myers, LLP


Coalition Partners

Coalition Partners are made up of smaller companies and organizations that share in our vision and drive to cure colon cancer. These partners are not only important in their financial support of The Wunder Project, but their ability to spread the word and create momentum to find the cure. Instead of donating a lump sum like our corporate partners, our coalition partners will pledge to raise $100,000 annually. For information on becoming a Coalition Partner, please contact [email protected].

2015 – Gloria Maria Borges
2013 – Tamara and Eric Gustavson


University Partners

Grassroots communications is the fuel of The Wunder Project. There is no group of people in the world more ambitious, excited and socially engaged than college students. The Wunder Project is excited to kick off the program with our University Partners, with Gloria’s beloved alma mater, Duke University, launching the very first charter chapter.
University Partners will host fundraising events and be the heartbeat of our social media presence spreading the word one person at a time. If Gloria and Dr. Lenz were going to war, the University Partners would be their army. Strong, opinionated, excited and ready to change the world. The students understand that cure for cancer will be found one dollar, one Facebook post and one Tweet at a time. For information on becoming a University Partner, please contact [email protected].

Duke University


Collaborative Partners

Barefoot Dreams: “Covered In Prayer”
In finding inspiration in her own fight against cancer, Annette Cook created The Barefoot Dreams “Covered in Prayer Collection”. Her inspiration was to give back to a community that supported her and to provide products that bring comfort both physically and spiritually. As each product from the Covered in Prayer line is purchased, Barefoot Dreams will give a percentage to The Wunder Project.

Visit Barefoot Dreams and shop the Covered in Prayer collection.

Arpi Krikorian:
The Baydsar Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel Baydsar, warrior against disease and illness for anyone looking for strength and hope. A portion of the proceeds of all purchases of The Baydsar Guardian Angel line will be donated to the research lab of an amazing oncologist, Dr. Heinz-Josef Lenz of USC. Dr. Lenz through The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation’s Capital Campaign The Wunder Project.

Visit Arpi’s Site and shop for any products with the Baydsar Angel.

More about Barefoot Dreams and Annette Cook

Growing up in Wisconsin, Annette embodied strength and steadfast determination. Although the course of her early life took twists and turns away from her original intended path of who she thought she would become and career she would pursue, her resilience and hope filled nature eventually allowed her heart to lead the way.

Tapping into her love for children, she ultimately launched Barefoot Dreams in 1994: a company that creates luxurious blankets and loungewear. Annette then met and married the love of her life, Stan Cook. They grew their company and their lives in Malibu, with their sons: Grayson, Chase, and Preston. In 2003, Oprah Winfrey named Barefoot Dreams as one of her “Favorite Things” and life was going quite well.

Then, in September of 2009, Annette was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. She began treatment with Dr. Lenz at USC and one year later, fate led Annette to a young 28-year old Stage IV colon cancer patient, named Gloria, who she already knew as WunderGlo. The two became fast friends and shared a remarkable bond and mutual admiration. Through their friendship, they found strength. Their mutual respect and support, while enduring the trial by fire of cancer treatment, resulted in a friendship unlike any. Through it all, both women marveled at the other’s strength and courage.

To honor her incredible spirit, Gloria chose Annette to be the first recipient of a Cancer Warrior Award at our Foundation’s inaugural event in June 2012. When Annette passed away on December 29, 2012, Gloria was deeply affected and she vowed to keep Annette’s legacy of hope, strength, and courage alive. She did it by tattooing Annette’s initials on her wrist; she did it by dedicating The Wunder Project’s moving documentary in her memory; by naming our foundation’s annual gala after Annette; and she did it by initiating the Annette Cook Memorial Fund for which 100% of donations will fund the first research platform of the Wunder Project’s groundbreaking approach to the cure. In September 2013, Gloria took great pride in renaming the Foundation’s annual gala in honor of her dear friend, her rock star, and her inspiration…in life and in death.

More about the Baydsar Angel and Artist Arpi Krikorian

“This drawing was created when I found out a very dear friend was battling cancer. I drew this guardian angel to serve as a visual reference of the warrior within her who will protect her and provide the strength and tenacity she has and needs to fight this horrid disease. Her shield reads, “hooys, havadk, pjshgootyoon” which translates to hope, faith and healing. I named my angel, Baydsar (bye-dzahr) meaning “clear and bright” which I pray are the results anyone fighting a disease or illness ultimately receives and the type of future I hope they have. It is also the name of another amazing friend who always stands up for what she believes in and protects her friends like a guardian angel.” – Arpi Krikorian

About the Artist: Arpi Krikorian
At the age of 21, Arpi Krikorian received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Illustration from The Art Center College of Design’s (ACCD). Four years later, an internship led to a full time artist on staff position at Nickelodeon Animation Studios in Burbank where she worked with a multi-talented group of people. She was a storyboard revisionist for the “Angry Beavers.” and also freelanced for “Hey Arnold”, “CatDog”,”Oswald” and “Dora the Explorer.”

In the midst of this, Arpi gave birth to her amazing daughter Sosse and the world as she knew it gained a new purpose. As the curtains closed on the “Angry Beavers”, Arpi entered into the Real Estate world at the cusp of the market-boom in California. After nine years of selling homes, she met wonderful people and learned a lot about business and life. Her beautiful second daughter, Sevan, was born and things were lining up quite nicely, however, the pit of her creative heart was empty. Arpi needed and wanted to draw. With the encouragement of her husband, she left real estate and started teaching art, which opened back up the floodgates of creativity. In 2012, Arpi posted her first painting on Facebook and it was received with an overwhelming response of amazing encouragement from friends and family! And so it began. She drew and painted… a lot… in all media… oils, pastels, acrylic and watercolor but it wasn’t until she bought her Prismacolor Brush Tip markers that the gray clouds parted, the harps began to play, and the angels started to sing. Her characters came to life and started begging her to share them with the rest of the world. So here we are now: Arpi Krikorian is obsessed with the creative life and has drawn a little community in her sketchbook who she now shares with the world by reproducing them on various products including pillows, mugs, bags and prints. She is selling her designs internationally to a growing fan base. Arpi’s most popular line is her Armenian dancers with which she presents the beauty and vibrancy of her culture through her illustrations. Arpi’s creative business is thriving and her dream of sharing her drawn community living in her imagination has become reality.