WunderGlo Bracelet


The WunderGlo Bracelet is a highly polished Sterling Silver bangle complimented by an elegant crystal clear display of Gloria’s flowers. While an oval crystal is shown, a round crystal is available, so please specify.

Item shown is engraved, which is an extra $25. If engraving option is chosen, a representative from the store will contact you to finalize the engraving during order processing.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Please note:  The flowers used in this beautiful jewelry are from professionally dried flowers which were in the arrangements personally designed by Gloria’s family and friends and used at both her Memorial Tribute at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and her Funeral Mass at the Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels.  The flower colors are blue (dark and light), white, yellow, purple (light and dark), red, and orange.  We have found that the darker colors are enhanced to a more beautiful presentation when mixed with white or a lighter color.  You may choose any color combination, which makes your jewelry piece even more special and personalized.

Flower Colors

Dark Blue, Light Blue, White, Yellow, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Red, Orange, Dark Blue with Light Blue, Dark Blue with White, Dark Blue and Yellow, Dark Blue and Light Purple, Dark Blue and Dark Purple, Dark Blue and Red, Dark Blue and Orange, Light Blue and White, Light Blue and Yellow, Light Blue and Light Purple, Light Blue and Dark Purple, Light Blue and Red, Light Blue and Orange, White and Yellow, White and Light Purple, White and Dark Purple, White and Red, White and Orange, Yellow and Light Purple, Yellow and Dark Purple, Yellow and Red, Yellow and Orange, Light Purple and Dark Purple, Light Purple and Red, Light Purple and Orange, Dark Purple and Red, Dark Purple and Orange, Red and Orange, Multi-Colored

Crystal Shape

Oval, Round


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