WunderGlo “Love Life” Cloth Face Mask

to Stay Safe From Covid-19


The Story Behind the “Love Life” Paintings Created by Gloria Borges, the Founder of The WunderGlo Foundation: A few months after her stage-4 colon cancer diagnosis (Sept. 19, 2010 at age 28), our founder, Gloria Borges, started creating “Love Life” paintings to give to family & friends, reflecting her joy and natural gratitude that she wished for us all.

“Once I came up with the “Love Life” concept for my paintings, all the hard work was done, really. Each painting is a variation on that idea. I create different background designs, use different blending techniques, employ different color schemes, but I’ve always got the same overarching theme: a bold, bright declaration of joy.” -Gloria Borges aka: “WunderGlo” on January 11, 2011

The “Love Life” image on our cloth face mask is Gloria’s exact painting that she created weeks after her 11-hour Cytoreductive surgery with HIPEC on February 3, 2011, – that rendered her “cancer free”! – Pretty cool that in 2020 and 2021, our WunderGlo founder, Gloria Borges, has helped to keep us safe & healthy from COVID-19.

As Covid-19 mask restriction mandates have been lifted as of 3/1/2022, The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation “Love Life” face masks are not currently available for distribution.