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BOB PASTOR: A Reflection of a Loving Father, A Family Man, and Brilliant Role Model who Personified a “Life Well Lived”

“A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.” –John F. Kennedy

We celebrate a brilliant role model who personified a “life well lived”; a man we have come to know, admire, and become connected with after his passing. It is our honor to share the accomplished life and beloved father of The WunderGlo Foundation’s Advisory Board member, Kip Pastor, the eternally inspirational, Dr. Robert (Bob) Pastor.

Bob Pastor was a man who showed his life’s gratitude by using every day to achieve, care, and give from the very core of his being. He opened every door of opportunity and boldly walked through them all. Bob graduated from Lafayette College, served in the Peace Corps in Malaysia, and earned his Ph.D. and master’s degree at Harvard. At age 29, the day after taking the exam for his Ph.D., Bob went to work for President Jimmy Carter as the National Security Council’s expert on Latin American affairs. As a White House Aide, under President Carter, Bob shepherded the 1977 Panama Canal treaties to ratification and helped formulate policies in tumultuous Central America. He also established programs on Latin America and the Caribbean, democracy, while promoting human rights. Bob taught at Emory, Harvard, and American Universities, authored 17 books, and traveled the world, from Haiti to China, to mediate elections. At American University, Bob established the American University of Nigeria. He was a master strategist who always thought outside of the box and ahead of the curve; he put his ideas into action.

“He helped to reshape our country’s relations with our Latin American neighbors and secure democracy and human rights throughout the region. After he left the White House, he continued this work at the Carter Center, leading for more than a decade critical peace and election observation missions and advancing the idea of a united North America. Because of his vision, boundless energy and political skill, the Western Hemisphere is more democratic and developed today.” –President Jimmy Carter.

Not quite 63-years old, Bob was diagnosed on March 22, 2010 with stage IV colon cancer with metastasis to his liver and lungs. He had no family history or symptoms. He faced his own mortality as a protagonist, never as a victim; and he took on a new mission: teaching everyone how to face this road with imagination, determination, grace, and humor. He believed in the power to change things and he bore it all with grace. This mission resulted in Bob’s last gift to everyone.

First and foremost, Bob Pastor was a father, a truly wonderful, loving father and family man; he will always be the greatest hero to his two children, Kip and Tiffin.

“If you asked him what he did professionally, he’d say he was a professor. But he really was a teacher and scholar who had great influence on public policy. For me, he was an Indiana Jones. We’d be playing basketball or we’d be on the way to a baseball game together and then he’d be in China observing elections. Then you’d hear he was in Haiti on a mission with Colin Powell, Sam Nunn and President Carter. As they were trying to come to an accord, Marines were there and he’s rushing to finish it all, while running through the city while riots are breaking out.” –Kip Pastor

Bob Pastor passed away on January 8, 2014, just 3-days after our founder, Gloria Borges. Later that year, when Kip Pastor and Becky Keller first met, they knew that their lives were strategically placed together by forces far greater than their own. Their shared personal stories of Bob and Gloria were that of kindred spirits. In working together with WunderGlo, the message was clear: in honor of their life’s dearest loved ones, Cancer’s Time Was Up. Be inspired by the brilliant life and leadership of Bob Pastor and join WunderGlo in our steadfast mission for the cure!

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