Jennifer Moon Kelly passed away at 2:40pm, November 8th, 2016.


No more pain.


Jen was one of a kind. The love that she had for her friends and family was unmatched by anyone. She was a truly honest individual who saw the best in everybody regardless of where they came from, what their social status was, how much money they made, what they looked like, what they did or did not believe in. Her ability to not judge anyone was rewarded with a loyal following of people from all around the world.


In the days before her passing Jennifer was visited by over 100 friends and family, she had people call in from all corners of the world. everybody was able to learn more and more about Jen in the last few months of her life. To witness the sheer outpouring of love for her was akin to a never ending waterfall.


Jen’s journey was one that inspired so many people, her ability to find hope in the darkest moments was personified through her willingness to push the boundaries of medical oncology and fight for possibilities that are on the frontier of research and understanding.


Her love of Morrissey and The Smiths was a gift she passed on to many other people.


Jennifer will be forever loved by her Husband, parents and family and extensive friends that are all over the world.


Viva Jen Kelly xx


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