Wunder’s Warriors


Dr. Tom Marsilje is a 20 year oncological research scientist who is also a stage IV colon cancer patient in treatment.

My name is Tom Marsilje. Ironically I am an oncology researcher who was surprise diagnosed with colon cancer at the young age of 40. I am currently 43 and LIVING with Stage IV disease. The picture is from my first ever team triathlon, taken AFTER my Stage IV diagnosis. This blog is meant to give occasional updates of the various twists and turns my cancer path takes me in the coming years. Having a unique role as an oncology scientist/patient, I also would like to use this blog to informally “talk oncology science” to the layperson (which I find fascinating and I hope you do too after reading my blog!) as well as to describe the “patient experience” to my fellow medical research scientists. I believe hearing about recent advances in oncology research can be inspirational to my fellow cancer survivors & hearing about the patient experience can be inspirational to my fellow scientists! I am both an eternal optimist watching the incredible progress in oncology research, as well as facing “currently incurable” Stage IV CRC. In other words, my life is currently “The Adventures in Living Terminally Optimistic”. Long Live Life!

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