Life Goes Forward

Two young and brave widows share their reality and heartfelt truths about their life’s day-to-day ups & downs, relationships, and experiences in finding their way to move onward after the greatest losses of their young lives.  Serena Rizzo and Catherine Gainey both share their unique voices as they each continue to move forward with their daily lives, facing obstacles, challenges, and very different situations, while raising their two young children after the passing of their beloved husbands and fathers to their cherished children.

Serena Rizzo, Writer and Wunder’s Warrior


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Serena Marriotti Rizzo was united – more than anything else in this world – as a “Warrior” with her husband Mark when he was diagnosed with Stage-4 colon cancer in 2012 at age 41. Mark adored his three girls: his lovely wife Serena, and his beautiful and precocious daughters, Riley and Julia (ages 7 & 3, at the time). Their mutual love and devotion to each other reflects the unity and commitment that encompass the truth and beauty of wedding vows to perfection. Both Mark and Serena were each other’s pillars of strength in sickness and in health, and battled for over 2-years through Mark’s passing in September 2014.


Serena and Mark were immediately led to our founder, Gloria Borges, through a critical article written on HIPEC surgery. Serena continues this fight in Mark’s honor as they both believe in all that the WunderGlo Foundation is working for. It will be a great day when a Stage IV diagnosis doesn’t have a 5% survival rate at 5 years. They want this day to come so that no one else has to lose a spouse/partner/child to colon cancer. The Wunder Project offers a tremendous opportunity to participate in the fight against this disease and The Rizzo family is grateful to be able to contribute to that effort and share in its hope, and again to feel optimistic about the future. “Cancer, your time is up. We are coming for you.” – Serena Rizzo

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Catherine Gainey, Writer and Wunder’s Warrior


Find inspiration with the entire Life Goes Forward Blog series


Catherine and Jim Gainey met and fell in love at Edgewood College in Madison, WI in 2002. They got married in September 2007. They had two sons, Shamus in 2010 and Finn in 2012. On March 18th, 2013, at age 31, Jim was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. The cancer had metastasized to his liver and his lungs. Jim endured 54 rounds of chemotherapy, all while living and loving life, creating as many memories as possible with his wife, sons, family and friends.  Jim passed away on January 11th, 2016 at age 34. Cat continues to advocate in Jim’s memory while working full time as a CPS Investigator and raising their beautiful boys.

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