Partying Past Prognosis

Kind. Brave. Selfless.

These are words used to describe the beautiful Amanda Bebak Lawler. Diagnosed with Stage III Colon Cancer in January 2015, Amanda had a partial colectomy followed by 12 chemotherapy treatments and was declared NED.

Busy enjoying life and planning a move to China with her beloved husband, Scott, she went in for a routine check in April 2017 and expressed concerns about insurance coverage in China.  Her vigilant oncologist ordered a CT scan which revealed metastatic disease to her liver and lungs.

Hi, I’m Mandy! I am a people person with a passion for life, living in the great state of Arizona. I also happen to have stage 4 colon cancer. Thanks for stopping by- get ready to talk some deep sh*t.

Follow me as I’m “Partying Past Prognosis”.