John Clark Armstrong passed away on September 20th, 2016 after a 20 month battle with colorectal cancer.


He went in for a routine colonoscopy after his gastroenterologist said his colon was damaged from ulcerative colitis and celiac disease. They then came to the conclusion that it should be removed. During the operation, the surgeon was surprised to find a cancerous tumor about the size of a grapefruit. After it was removed, chemo and radiation soon followed. After practicing both Eastern and Western medicine, qualifying for clinical trials was no longer an option. He was sent home on hospice two weeks before he lost his battle with cancer.  He had the opportunity to say goodbye to his friends and family, which is something so many people don’t get to do. He passed in the most beautiful way with his wife and daughters by his side.


Johnny loved and adored his two daughters Amellia and Daisy. He was a very involved and devoted father. From father-daughter dances, to teaching them about cars, cheering for them on the sidelines, to weenie roasts on the beach…He cherished every moment. He loved his eldest daughter Breanna, son-in-law Patrick and was proud to be a grandfather to Brooklyn. He loved his mother Sandy (“Sandy Mom”) and “Papa Daddy” very much and was beyond thankful for their constant support throughout this entire journey. He loved his two brothers Michael and Christopher, their wives, and his nieces and nephews. He also adored their white lab, Hoss. Being the only other male in the house, there’s no denying the two had a special bond.


He married the love of his life and best friend, Lori. They shared 26 beautiful years together and were true “life partners.” Coincidently they met on the set of the movie “Life Stinks,” but for them, life did NOT stink. They worked together, traveled the world, played lots of golf and built a beautiful home and family life in Malibu together.


Besides being very passionate about his family and friends, Johnny’s hobbies included golf, cars, and his job. He loved his career and was a well-respected Picture Car Coordinator in the entertainment industry for nearly 32 years. His colleagues and peers were always happy to have him on the job.


Johnny’s close friends called him the real life “MacGyver” because of his ability to fix anything. His friends knew to call him when they had a problem because even if he couldn’t solve it, he would find out how. Everyone was amazed by his craftsmanship of his incredible front door and his beloved beams throughout the house. He was most certainly a guys’ guy, and his garage was every man’s dream.


While he could fix almost anything, unfortunately, he couldn’t fix cancer. This is why we are supporting research in this area. In lieu of flowers, a fund for colorectal cancer research has been set up in Johnny’s name at USC. He is loved by his friends and the Malibu community and will never, ever, be forgotten.


In honor of John Armstrong, The WunderGlo Foundation continues our work for the cure!


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