Every month we will be sharing a beautiful life and “Life Warrior” with you. In putting a face to colon cancer, WunderGlo style: here are just some of the people we support, love, and are fighting so hard for with the mission of our Wunder Project. It is these people, among thousands of others, who we are working and fighting so hard for:  the faces, the lives, and the inspiration behind our foundation. They are the current colon cancer patients deep in the fight; they are the countless souls who have been taken by this terrible disease; they are the children, husbands, wives, families, and friends that they leave behind; they are our own incredible Wunder’s Warriors who so bravely and courageously fight for their lives today. And of course, we fight on behalf of our fearless leader and brilliant game-changer: the amazing life of our founder, Gloria Borges, who taught us all important life-lessons, instilled her passion and drive, and blessed us with countless gifts including the legacy of WunderGlo, herself. It is because of these people, their children and families, their own journeys and purpose, and the futures that they all have left to live, that WunderGlo never hesitates, not for one moment, to place our hand out asking for your donation to help them. We are asking on behalf of better treatments that cause less side effects and improve overall quality of life. We are asking for “the cause” and our goals to accomplish through our revolutionary Wunder Project effort and mission!! We are asking for THE CURE…for them…for us….and for the children of tomorrow. CANCER, YOUR TIME IS UP.