Dr. Alberto Sobrero, Head of the Medical Oncology Unit at Ospedale San Martino in Genova, Italy, has created this free website tool to provide cancer-diagnosed patients with useful information and active participation in their decision making process upon a cancer diagnosis. 

This information is dedicated to patient empowerment and is translated into three languages: 1. English, 2. Spanish 3. Italian. 

NOTE: Works best on PC – not currently user friendly for smartphones.


Written in the patients’ language, it is very elementary, however Dr. Sobrero covers information and needs in an original, video-assisted, gamified, diagrams-structured sequence, summarized on the “landing page” of the site, for patients who:  

Have fears about their cancer diagnosis.

  1. Have recently discovered that they have cancer/newly diagnosed
  2. Have had cancer and are looking for ways to navigate towards their curative approach. 
  3. Have advanced disease and are seeking further support.

Dr. Sobrero hopes that this simple tool turns out to be useful to patients for active participation in shared decision-making, and to medical students and fellows to facilitate their patient information process, especially in this unfortunate COVID era. The web-based tool is also mentioned in a podcast that Dan Haller (Annals) asked Dr. Sobrero to do on TOSCA/IDEA and that will appear on Annals of Oncology, January 2021 issue. 

Dr. Alberto Sobrero Alberto Sobrero has been the Head of the Medical Oncology Unit at Ospedale San Martino in Genova, Italy, since 2001. Before this, he was Associate Professor in Medical Oncology at the University of Florence and Udine. After receiving his medical degree from the University of Genova in 1978, Prof. Sobrero took up the position of postdoctoral Associate in Medical Oncology at Yale University, Connecticut, USA. In 1983, he became Associate Research Scientist in Medical Oncology at Yale. Before returning to Genova in 1985, he completed a residency in Internal Medicine at the Yale Affiliated.