WunderGlo Legacy Warriors

Kerma Osorio Gerz: In Reflection of the Beautiful Life of our Radiant and Inspirational WunderGlo Legacy Warrior

Kerma Osorio Gerz was born in the beautiful city of Valparaiso, Chile, to her loving parents, Ramón and Nylde. She came to the United States for college, spent time working with the Peace Corps, and she ultimately ended up in New York.


When asked to describe Kerma, the same words keep coming up: loving, caring, motherly, endearing, and feisty. She had an amazing sense of humor, a genuine and caring heart, and she always put others before herself. She was a mother to so many, both children and adults.


She instilled in her daughters a love of learning, and she encouraged them to pursue their passions. She taught them that they could accomplish whatever they wanted, as long as they worked hard enough.


Kerma loved to cook, dance, sing, and play the guitar. She never missed an opportunity to throw a party, to cook for any number of guests, and to make sure that the festivities lasted well into the next morning. She enjoyed listening to classical music, Charles Aznavour, and Edith Piaf, going to Broadway shows, Carnegie Hall, and Lincoln Center. She loved traveling with her husband, experiencing different cultures, and visiting museums around the world. She loved doing charity work, volunteering at nursing homes, and doing whatever she could to help those in need.


Kerma was a woman of strong faith. She was a devoted Catholic who went to mass twice a week, and she prayed to Saint Anthony constantly. Whenever she learned that someone was sick or struggling in any way, she would pray for them. Even when battling cancer, her faith never wavered.


On June 21, 2019, Kerma left this world to move on to her heavenly journey. She will forever be remembered by her beloved husband Victor, her two daughters and sons-in-law, her grandson, her two sisters, her extended family in Chile, and the many, many people whose lives she touched.


Kerma’s youngest daughter, Erika, was a friend of Gloria’s at Duke University from the start of freshman year. Gloria and Kerma met at Duke during Graduation in 2004. The WunderGlo Foundation and Gloria held a very special place in both Erika’s and her mother’s hearts from its beginning. Kerma’s family asks that donations be made in her memory to The WunderGlo Foundation, to continue—and ultimately win—the fight against cancer.


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