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FELICIA FEDERICO: In Reflection of a Vibrant Spirit, Beautiful Life and Love for Others

For those who knew Felicia Federico, there are two qualities she had that were undeniable; her incredible strength and her ever-present sense of humor. Felicia loved to laugh. Through the trials she faced with her ailing health over the years, she always found a way to joke about her condition or the treatment she was undergoing. Felicia’s determination and perseverance were not limited to her health. From a young age, she found many talents and interests she pursued with vigor. In her childhood and early adolescence, Felicia was an accomplished ice skater and also participated in several dance classes and recitals. As she got older, a passion for animals began to emerge, as she became known for taking in anything from rats to chickens, cats and even a footless parrot. It was this passion that led Felicia to begin riding horses and competing in horse shows as a fearless jumper with her beloved thoroughbred, Bud.

Upon becoming a mother to Cameron and Bailey, Felicia began to pour herself into her children’s interests including martial arts. She herself also took Karate classes and climbed the ranks, reaching a green belt. In the desire to become more involved in their lives and activities, Felicia began working at her children’s school, Phoenix Ranch. There, she also became a certified lifeguard during the school’s summer program, and spent time giving swimming lessons to the students as well as to her nephews and niece. During her time at the camp, she developed a closer relationship with the children and became one of the most popular teachers, earning her the nickname, “Chipmunk.”

As she became deeply invested in the students, and with her growing love in working with them, she made the decision to return to school. Felicia attended classes at the University of Phoenix while retaining her position as a teacher and was beaming with pride when she became the first college graduate in her family, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. With an increasing drive, she set her sights even higher and had applied to graduate school in the hopes of eventually earning a degree in social work, enabling her to help children with special needs.

Perhaps one of the greatest blessings in Felicia’s life came in February 2010 when she met Mike Hamrick. As they grew closer, Mike and Felicia discovered shared interests in music and travel, as well as a love of spending time outdoors. They also purchased a trailer and were able to take it on many camping trips and adventures with their blended family, which includes Mike’s three children, Megan, Chase and Kaden. Felicia happily embraced Mike’s children and family as her own and they were married on a beach in Morro Bay, California on July 26, 2014.

For Felicia, family was always a priority. In her final days, she expressed the desire to spend as much time as she could with her children, parents, siblings and nieces and nephews, even spending several days with them at Disneyland, despite her weakened condition. When not out with family, and while resting at home, Felicia could most often be found in her favorite spot; a lawn chair in the backyard looking up at the trees with her family dogs at her side.

In honor of Felicia’s vibrant spirit, beautiful life, and love for others, the Federico Family is asking for donations to help fund cutting edge research dedicated to an established “Dream Team” of brilliant oncologists, scientists, and clinicians defined in The Wunder Project, the WunderGlo Foundation’s capital campaign that dedicates 100% of donations straight to “research for the cure” of colon cancer.

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