Wunder’s Warriors


“May you reach all of your goals! And when you fail miserably, may you get back up and try again!” – Patsy Huggins Petzold

Patsy and Ryan Petzold are a faith-filled couple from Kansas and the purest definition of “role models” to their son Will (10-yrs), daughter Samantha (9-yrs), daughter Olivia (5-yrs). After receiving life-altering news at age 34 when diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer, Patsy chooses to live each day filled with love, gratitude, and faith and she chronicles her journey in her inspirational blog entitled: Grace In The Middle. http://hugginspatsy.com/about/ Ryan and Patsy are honored to join WunderGlo as “Wunder’s Warriors” and help carry on the “take-charge” spirit and voice of our mission to “the Cure”.

The following is an excerpt from Patsy’s powerful post: “HOPE” that she wrote on 12/30/2015:
“We will make goals. Plans will be penciled in. Specific hopes will be wished for. The piece(s) we have to remember is that sometimes our plans don’t work out how we intended. We might fail miserably at the goal we set. There might be a time we stray from our path or purpose. But there’s more! We are loved and forgiven and redeemed. We can accept the new plan set before us. We can get back to our goals or set new ones. We can be directed back to our proper path. As I ring in a new year tomorrow night with my little family, I’ll relish in the present joy we share. As I look ahead, I’ll definitely set some new goals. I think I’ll mostly focus on how I can let my light shine. May you reach all of your goals! And when you fail miserably, may you get back up and try again!” – Patsy Huggins Petzold

Patsy M. Petzold at the age of 37 passed on to heaven on Thursday, March 17, 2016. Patsy was born Nov. 15,1978 in St. Joseph, MO to Edwin and Sandra Huggins. She grew up in Olathe, KS and graduated from Blue Valley High School in 1997. She attended Kansas State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. She earned a master’s degree in special education from Pitt State University. She taught second and third grade at Lakewood Elementary and the FOCUS classes at Blue Valley North. In the classroom, she touched countless lives through her teaching, and she loved teaching almost as much as she loved being a wife and a mother.

Patsy approached life with a love that should be a model for all of us. She loved teaching, she loved writing, she loved laughing and singing and dancing in the kitchen. She was so thankful for the network of friends and love that surrounded her.

It was a cold February day three years ago when we learned that Patsy had colon cancer. This would be the cause that she would champion for the rest of her life because she did not want anyone else to go through what she was going through. She was also adamant about us not dwelling on the negative. She never wanted any pity, and she helped us realize that if she could be that strong, we better be that strong for her.

Patsy, you filled everyone’s lives with your radiant “light” that will forever burn brightly in your children and in the hearts of every single person who you touched; and there are “many”. Thank you for teaching us the lessons of grace, perseverance, faith, strength, hope, and above all, Love.
Our hearts are broken yet we are so thankful that our lives have been graced by this glorious angel, our luminous Wunder’s Warrior, Patsy Huggins Petzold. Together with her husband and Wunder’s Warrior: Ryan Petzold, The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation will continue on with our all-important work to one-day fund & find “the cure” in Patsy’s honor.

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