WunderGlo Legacy Warriors

JIM GAINEY: In Reflection and Celebration of a Life-Well Lived: Our Beloved Wunder’s Legacy Warrior and Superman

“Never be a victim. Be a Leader. You are loved wherever you go. All you need is within you.” – Jim Gainey

It is with deep sorrow and a very heavy heart that our brave and courageous Superman and beloved Wunder’s Warrior, Jim Gainey, passed away on January 11, 2016 at the age of 34. He was at peace and surrounded by his beautiful and loving wife, Catherine, their adorably perfect sons, Shamus and Finn, his devoted sisters, Bridget and Meg, his loving parents, Maureen and Jim, and his immediate family.

Jim Gainey “loved life” and he lived every single one of his days to the fullest. Behind his radiant and playful smile is the heart of one thousand men, the courage of one thousand lions, and the bravery of a true “Warrior”. Our Superhero set the bar high on how to be the perfect husband, father, son, brother, friend, and loved one. To have known Jim Gainey is to love him and if you were lucky enough to do so, your gifts are in abundance.

Jim taught us all so many important life lessons. He believes that “Every Day Is A Chance” and he lived that truth. Jim’s devotion and responsibility to his family is unparalleled and he lived every single moment rejoicing in his many gifts of family, friendships, and life-itself. Cancer could never define the life of this amazing and luminous Superhuman.

When Cat shared the news about Jim’s passing, she said: “Jim won. He was at peace and without pain. Our sons came in and he took two more breaths and he was gone. My heart is aching and shattered. But love lasts forever.”

Hold tightly to all of your cherished memories, but moreover, to the love, because that is Jim’s most special “superpower” and it truly is forever. We will all miss him terribly but we will honor his life and his family, always. By loving the people who Jim loves the most, we’ll keep his heart with us forever. Please continue to keep the beautiful Gainey family in your thoughts and prayers.

Our hearts are broken but they are also filled with gratitude, with immeasurable joy, with so much love, and amazing memories to cherish forever. Jim Gainey, we are eternally grateful for your friendship and inspiration. We thank you for blessing our lives and our hearts with the gift of yours.

Jim would want us to continue with our mission to find the cure for colon cancer. He wrote in a letter to Cat, found after his death, “Never stop…for our boys and everyone else, we can’t stop.” We will honor your Legacy Warrior spirit as we move forward to the cure for colorectal cancer and we will “never stop”, Jim. ‪

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