How To Love Life – WunderGlo Style

“When you become certain that nothing is impossible for you, you’ll attain everything you desire” –Wayne Dyer

As a being with a soul, you have limitless potential! Living in our bodies and in a society that is ruled by the rational mind, we often forget how incredibly powerful we are. We are used to leaning on our mental intelligence to guide our lives. This gets tricky because “you are not a being with a soul, you are a soul with a being.” Although intellectual discovery is an immensely central part of our lives, there is another essential part that is always available to us and shapes the quality of our lives: our inner guide, intuition, or soul essence. Call it what you want; the name doesn’t matter as much as the realization that it has been whispering, and maybe even shouting to you all along your journey.

Perhaps you never noticed it, or you hit the mute button because it didn’t make rational sense. Other times, you didn’t recognize it in yourself until someone else modeled it for you. Still, you will always have the opportunity to turn the volume up and begin experiencing life – the good, the bad and the ugly – with a sense of purpose, certainty, and peace.

For me, Gloria modeled this inner essence. When I first met Gloria, 2 years after her diagnosis, she exuded a sense of confidence, inner knowledge, and love. I was amazed by her love of life. She was excited about cupcakes, college basketball games, and music. She chose life with every ounce of her being. It was refreshing and I felt lighter after spending time with her. She allowed her inner guide to light the way rather than her rational mind, and by doing so, inspired everyone she crossed paths with. She was an eternal optimist and winner of the challenges she experienced. She had a message that represented her unique inner beliefs, and she embodied it!

The question is how? How did she remain a lover of life while she experienced pain, suffering, and awaited test results?

The answer is incredibly simple: she chose to love life! She chose to say, “I’m going to grow and learn from this disease, and I’m going to keep living life.” That doesn’t mean that there weren’t incredibly difficult days. It simply means that although there were tough days, she chose life and discovered new ways of living it her way.

By consciously choosing your own perspective on life – one that represents your inner spirit – and embodying it, you become a force to be reckoned with and will inspire everyone around you to do the same.

Here are 3 guiding questions to ask yourself in order to spark your own love of life:

1. What is your current perspective on life and your personal life situation?
What beliefs run on repeat in your mind? Often times, we are in a cycle of negativity that we don’t even realize. Once you become aware of your perspective, you can reach for a higher vibrational perspective. The greatest thing about perspective is that “the right perspective makes the impossible possible!” In other words, your perspective is the compass of your life experience and only you have the power to change directions.

2. When were you happiest and most fulfilled in life?
Look back on your experiences to a time when you felt great. What were you thinking and dreaming about during that time? Make a list of the common themes that connect “your happiest memories. It wasn’t only the memory itself that brought you joy, but also the way you were looking at things.

3. What is an image that represents you?
You might be thinking, “I don’t have one.” This is your opportunity to create one! Choose one word that represents how you want to feel moving forward. For Gloria, she chose to be a fighter and used the image of a warrior to represent her. What image represents you? Some examples are: wonder woman, a lion, a monk, a wizard, or a rock star. Using an image helps to ingrain your belief and serves as a reminder. Once you have an image in mind, imagine embodying it. Make a movement, stand, or walk how you would if you were this image. Find a picture of your image and post it somewhere you’ll see it.

The truth is, nothing is impossible for you and when you tap into and listen to your soul rather than your rational mind; you open up the flood gates of possibility. Your soul is the key to living a life you can enjoy and spreading a meaningful message. The awesome part is, you don’t have to find it. It’s here right now! By answering the questions above you are connecting with your soul and creating a framework to support and guide you along the path.

What do you choose and how do you embody it? Answer one of the questions above and share with us! By sharing you, are putting it out into the universe and claiming your presence.