How to Start Making Changes

The Key To Seeing Changes

“Awareness is all about restoring your freedom to choose what you want instead of what your past imposes on you” Deepak Chopra

Every change you have ever made in your life began with a simple realization – that realization was born from awareness. The fact that we all have the ability to be aware and mindful means we can change our lives and live in a way that feels authentic for us. In other words, mindfulness is the magical key to opening the doors of your happiest life.

So what does mindfulness and/or awareness really mean? In the simplest definition, it means to notice something important. For me, mindfulness means to slow down, become present, and notice my own feelings, behaviors and fears.

You make be thinking, “that sounds easy enough, of course I notice myself!” But believe it or not many of our actions and reactions are on repeat. They are not new; they are old patterns of behavior we have been practicing for years.

Often times, we learned them at a young age and never noticed them enough to dig deeper. Likely, we assumed these patterns were apart of us and not changeable. Perhaps, we watched our parents behaving a certain way or got used to dealing with pain in a certain way. Most importantly, we realize that we are not our patterns or our habits, we are separate and therefore can shift them.
When we become more aware of ourselves, we get a powerful gift. The gift is the power to choose a new way, make peace with the past and most importantly to deepen our relationship with ourselves.

When you practice mindfulness you’ll realize that there is no such thing as being stuck, trapped or the victim of your life because within mindful living is the opportunity to be the creator of your life.
Being the creator of your life means no else is to blame, no life experience or circumstance can control you or keep you down – only you have the power to shift your life.

It is this simple – a choice to move from powerless to powerful. What’s amazing is that nothing needs to actually change. When your awareness of yourself deepens you open the flood gates to self-love, acceptance, forgiveness and joy. Mindfulness isn’t something you need to search for and find; it’s a choice that you can make each morning! One that will without a doubt change your life.

Like any new practice, it may be a challenge at first however all you need is a few small steps in the right direction to awaken your soul’s desire for mindful living.

Here are some ways to start and deepen your awareness:


Spend a few moments each morning noticing your breath. Taking soft and slow breaths and then deeper and longer breaths. This practice not only reduces stress and inspires peace but slows you down so you can cultivate awareness. Your breath is always there and noticing it is becoming aware of yourself, your body and your mind.


Create a quiet space before bed or in the morning to write. This writing is only for you to release your thoughts onto paper and notice what’s going on up there in your head. It can be written sloppy and incomplete. There is not right way to write. The key is to become more aware.

Observe Your Patterns

Make a list of 5-10 patterns in your life that shape you. They could be good or bad and learned from family or friends. For example, think about your career choices, relationships, and feelings of self-worth. How do you respond to big life changes, financial issues, etc. ?

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Notice how you feel. What makes you feel good and energetic? What makes you feel tired and drained? Again simply notice. You don’t need to drastically change anything.

Notice Limiting Beliefs

A limiting belief is any thought that we assume to be true about ourselves/life and that keeps us feeling small. Are there any ideas you think are true about yourself, relationships, job or life that makes you feel stressed, unworthy or frustrated? Is it possible that it is just an idea and not a true fact? What’s the difference?

I hope these small simple steps lead you inwards toward mindful living and awareness. Being gentle with yourself throughout this process and practice is important. It’s not about perfect living; it is about living from a place of awareness and choice.

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