Looking Backward, Looking Forward

On this Summer Solstice June 21, 2017, our Wunder’s Warrior, Dr. Tom Marsijle writes “Looking Backward To Go Forward” on the morning of his laparoscopic liver biopsy procedure.

Tom gives insight to his 2017-path that details personal life, clinical overview, and his activity with The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation Reiki and Guided Meditation Program.
Sharing his amazing progress and success, he gives thanks to Executive Director, Becky Keller, and to the leader of the WunderGlo Reiki program, Kevin Ackad, saying:

“I believe they have given me the peace, strength and ability to both tolerate and thrive on my treatments way beyond what either I or my oncologist expected. I don’t believe I would be doing at all as well right now without them – I am a believer in the mind-body connection.”

Looking Backward, Looking Forward