More Blessed Than I Already Was

On June 8th, 2019, my husband Jason and I renewed our wedding vows and held a wedding reception at our house. We had married last August but only with our children, our parents, Jim’s parents and Jason’s grandmothers present, so this was our big celebration with our friends and family. Although it had been very stressful at times leading up to the day due to flooding where the tent was set to go and wanting to have all of the details come together, Jason went above and beyond to make everything perfect.  It truly was amazing, magical, and all I could have ever wished for.

I took a moment to give a brief speech during our reception. I thanked Jason’s family (The Workmans) for embracing me and the boys so quickly into our relationship, and I thanked Jim’s family (The Gaineys) for accepting Jason and his boys as part of their family. I spoke about how one of the most beautiful aspects of our life together is that there is not a separation of my life with Jim and my life with Jason. They have blended naturally and I really have to credit Jason with how he has just known from the very start – how to love me, and that life with me will always mean a life where Jim is forever present.

When I am asked from other widows about dating again, my best advice is always this: Find someone who respects that your late spouse will always be part of your life and your children’s lives. Look for someone that understands that you will always miss and love your late spouse but…there is also room in your heart for love for another, and your late spouse is not a threat to your new love. Love can be multiple without replacing your late love. I found that person. I found that love. -And I know this makes me even more blessed than I already was before.