Los Angeles Business Journal named The WunderGlo Foundation’s Founder, Gloria Borges, as the 2015 Philanthropist of the year


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Press Release

LOS ANGELES, CA — Earlier this month, the Los Angeles Business Journal named The WunderGlo Foundation’s Founder, Gloria Borges, as the 2015 Philanthropist of the year at the 2015 Women Making a Difference Symposium and Awards. Gloria created the WunderGlo Foundation and The Wunder Project to be a cancer finding cure movement, after at the young age of 28, Gloria was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer.

Instead of seeing this as a frightening road-block, Gloria saw it as an opportunity to lead and help people all across the globe. Gloria created The WunderGlo Foundation as she saw this as another opportunity to help those in need, despite her personal challenge that she faced. The WunderGlo Foundation’s mission is to empower and inspire those fighting this disease, demystify the colon cancer diagnosis, and help support cutting-edge research to eradicate it, all the while keeping the foundation “personal” and approachable to all patients.

In addition to creating and founding The WunderGlo Foundation, in early 2013, Gloria launched the foundation’s most ambitious capital campaign called The Wunder Project. This carefully planned $250 Million dollar campaign assembles the finest minds in the medical profession: brilliant doctors, scientists, and clinicians all around the world that will work together, in unison, to reach the cure for Colon Cancer.

In early 2014, Gloria Borges, Founder of The WunderGlo Foundation and The Wunder Project passed away. By her own directive, Gloria handed the baton, goals, and responsibilities that were set forth to her mother, Rebecca Keller.

“It was such a great day for Gloria Borges and The WunderGlo Foundation to be named Philanthropist of the Year by the Los Angeles Business Journal,” said Rebecca Keller, Executive Director of The WunderGlo Foundation and mother of Gloria Borges. “Hearts were bursting throughout the room as everyone listened to the immeasurable dedication, passion, and commitment that flowed throughout Gloria’s entire life. Her life’s journey was about uplifting others and making the world a better place. Creating and founding The WunderGlo Foundation and The Wunder Project in an effort to find a cure for colon cancer continues to inspire people across the globe. Although Gloria may not physically be here today, she’s always with us in spirit and her passion to help others continues to inspire the work we do at The WunderGlo Foundation.”

To view Becky Keller, WunderGlo’s executive director’s speech at the awards ceremony, please click here: http://bit.ly/1KKvfVf.

To learn more about The Wunder Project and the detailed roadmap to the cure, or to get involved with the movement, visit TheWunderProject.org. Connect with The Wunder Project on social media at Facebook.com/TheWunderProject or The Wunder Project on Twitter @WunderGlo #CancerYourTimeIsUp.


The Wunder Project: The Wunder Project is a movement – a partnership launched by Gloria Borges, a Stage IV Colon Cancer warrior, and Dr. Heinz-Josef Lenz, a world-renowned doctor and clinical researcher, with a mission to cure colon cancer within 10 years. The movement will call upon corporate donors, grants and personal donations to raise $250 million in a two-year fundraising campaign, with all funds going directly toward research in order to achieve the ultimate goal: finding a cure to colon cancer. For more information on The Wunder Project, visit TheWunderProject.org and connect with Becky Keller: becky@wunderglo.com, Facebook.com/TheWunderProject and The Wunder Project on Twitter @WunderGlo #CancerYourTimeIsUp.

The WunderGlo Foundation will not rest until there is a cure for colon cancer. The Foundation Strives to save lives and support cancer warriors everywhere by raising funds for colon cancer research, promoting awareness about prevention of and treatment for colon cancer, and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices. Through its efforts, the WunderGlo Foundation seeks to empower and inspire those fighting the disease and those finding ways to eradicate it.