In the News: WunderGlo Director Dr. Heinz-Josef Lenz explains the exciting insight on the therapeutic approaches that are shaking up Third-Line Treatments for colorectal cancer patients

A wave of novel third-line therapeutic options have shown promising efficacy in patients with colorectal cancer (CRC), according to Heinz-Josef Lenz, MD, FACP, and refined technologies capable of detecting circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) have opened the door to novel targets and a stronger understanding of disease biology, allowing for more informed treatment decisions.

“In the third-line treatment setting for metastatic CRC, we are relying on the molecular subtyping of this disease because we understand that colon cancer is not just 1 disease. We already use the RAS mutation and we now use specific treatments for BRAFmutations,” said Lenz. “Another very interesting and important subgroup is those with HER2 overexpression and/or amplification. Several clinical trials [are examining] compounds [that are] showing very promising and exciting efficacy in this patient population.”

Since 2012, The Gloria Borges WunderGlo Foundation has funded $1.3-Million Dollars to the brilliant mind and dedicated research of Dr. Heinz-Josef Lenz and his Lab team at USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. Dr. Lenz and WunderGlo are not stopping…until cancer does.

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